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Learn how to test and calibrate your miniDOT in the most comprehensive way. Read the latest case studies, company updates, and environmental news from PME, providers of exceptional aquatic sensor devices.

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PME Winter 2018 Newsletter
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Calibration: The miniDOT Ice-Bucket Test

miniDOT barnacle

If a miniDOT sensor comes back with a barnacle, chances are you’ll want to to clean it and test it for redeployment in the most comprehensive way. Here’s the data from twin PME miniDOT loggers that took a plunge in their own “ice-bucket challenge.”

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Ocean life

Reflecting on Ocean Conservation in 2017
From shark protections to international agreements, there was optimistic ocean protection and governance news in 2017, though you may have missed it.
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Visit Booth 411 at Aquaculture America 2018!

Paris Las Vegas hotel

Look out for Aquasend, PME’s subsidiary company, at Aquaculture America 2018, February 19-22, at the Paris Las Vegas hotel. Aquasend will be presenting the aquaDOT Alarm Buoy, for real-time oxygen and temperature monitoring, at Booth 411.

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Irrigation stream
Study tests streams as environmental indicators
Scientists sampled a variety of streams in an agricultural region of France and found them to be surprisingly good sensors for long-term nutrient conditions.
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Lake aerial view
A 46-year experiment on an artificial lake in Canada reveals that – because of nitrogen fixing – removing phosphorus may be necessary to prevent harmful algal blooms.
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miniDOT Photo Ops

miniDOT in box
@FionaDyer shared photos of new miniDOT loggers for deployment on an Institute of Applied Ecology/University of Canberra project in Australia’s Lake Tuggeranong.

DO/T graph
Everyone loves a good continuous graph! @chandra_PLUTO shared a pic showing 30 days of DO and temp data collected with the PLUTO Buoy and miniDOT logger.

Coral reef diver

25 Years’ Data on Health of Carribbean Coast Released
The study of data Caribbean Coastal Marine Productivity Program (CARICOMP) provides insight into human impacts over decades in 29 monitoring sites around the sea.
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PME Tech Being Applied to Fish Farming

Aquasend logo

PME’s 30 years of experience in sensor technology is set to revolutionize aquaculture with Aquasend, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PME. Stay tuned for news about Aquasend’s real-time water quality monitoring and management system.

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