Sea Technology Magazine Features the miniDOT® Logger


Precision Measurement Engineering (PME) recently announced the miniDOT® Logger is now verified to reach measurable depths of 300 meters; tripling the device’s original logging limits of 100 meters. Sea Technology Magazine has featured PME’s success in extending the miniDOT® Logger depth range in its February issue. The article highlights the miniDOT® Loggers’ design, new depths, baseline testing process and application advancements.

Increasing measuring capacity to 300 meters, the miniDOT® Logger has expanded its product functions to reach numerous industry segments in both fresh and seawater. Furthering its logging range, the miniDOT® Logger has proven beneficial in research studies such as dead zone tracking, thermocline occurrences, temperature stratification and ocean mixing, algae blooms and more. By expanding research applications through increased depths, the miniDOT® Logger will continue to assist researchers to complete work that positively impacts our planet.


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