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Drivers of Biogeochemical Variability in a Central California Kelp Forest: Implications for Local Amelioration of Ocean Acidification

Heidi Hirsh Ph.D.

Kelp forests are among the world's most productive marine ecosystems, and they have the potential to locally ameliorate ocean acidification (OA). In order to understand the contribution of kelp metabolism to local biogeochemistry, we must first quantify the natural variability and the relative contributions of physical and biological drivers to biogeochemical changes in space and time. Watch this lunch and learn for more information about Heidi Hirsh's doctoral work.

Utility of High Frequency Oxygen and Temperature Probes in Lakes and Rivers

Dr. Sundeep Chandra

Learn how Dr. Sudeep Chandra used PME Loggers to learn how lakes in California and Oregon are responding to climate change.