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Our History

Precision Measurement Engineering (PME) is a leading designer and manufacturer of aquatic environmental monitoring equipment based in Vista, California, USA. Academic institutions and government agencies across the globe use our innovative instruments for freshwater and saltwater research. PME is a family-owned business, founded in 1982 by Dr. Michael Head.

PME founded in 1982

Core Values

We are fueled by a determination for excellence in our products and service, and a curiosity about new technology, science, and the world around us. We find passion and fun in our work, and hope to see it reflected in our openness as we strive for business and professional growth. Most importantly, we aim to treat our customers, employees and associates with respect and humility.

Meet Our Team


Kristin Elliott

President & CEO

Kristin began working for PME in 2006, and became CEO of her parent’s business in 2014. Since taking the reins, Kristin has overseen a period of growth and expansion within PME, tripling the company’s annual revenue. In addition, she founded a new company, Aquasend, and is involved with various business organizations, including the San Diego Entrepreneurs Association. She has an MBA degree from Cal State University, San Marcos.


Dr. Michael and Sandy Head


Mike and Sandy founded Precision Measurement Engineering out of their garage in 1982, as Mike was completing his Ph.D at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego. The innovative micro-scale sensor he developed allowed researchers to track very small fluctuations of temperature and conductivity in water samples. Mike has long worked on research and development for PME, while Sandy ran operations and ensured production quality. Their daughter, Kristin Elliott, is now President and CEO of the company.


Erik Elliott

Chief Operations Officer

Erik began working for Precision Measurement Engineering in 2007, and he became COO in 2015. Responsible for managing all manufacturing employees and production control, Erik has implemented a variety of manufacturing and quality assurance processes, which have supported PME’s fluid and steady growth trajectory. He ensures the company’s fiscal fitness, so PME may continue to pursue high growth levels.

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