Water Quality Parameters

Rhodamine WT Dye

What is Rhodamine?

Rhodamine is a fluorescent dye stemming from the same reactive dye family as fluorescein and is also commonly used in water tracing studies. However, fluorescein is sensitive to pH and can photo-bleach in certain conditions, limiting its use. Conversely, rhodamine is a stable alternative so can be used in more water tracing situations.

How and Why is Rhodamine Measured in Water?

Because of its superior stability, rhodamine enables tracing water flows in those water conditions which would render fluorescein nonviable. PME’s C-FLUOR and Cyclops-7 Loggers use Turner Designs sensors to monitor rhodamine concentrations over a linear range.

PME Products Measuring Rhodamine

Fixed Cyclops-7 Logger

Interchangeable Cyclops-7

Interchangeable C-FLUOR