Aquaculture plays an important role in the future of global food security. All aquaculture operations must maintain a high level of water quality to promote healthy, productive farms and fisheries. Water quality management is vital to successful aquaculture farming, and water’s susceptibility to several variables means even minor imbalances can drastically impact the quality of the crop it produces. With reliable water quality monitoring devices, farmers may maintain control and increase the profitability of their farms while reducing their environmental footprint and promoting seafood sustainability. PME loggers allow farmers and researchers to conduct continuous, real-time data collection of water quality to identify trends and improve yields.

Aquasend, Inc. helps aquafarmers worldwide more efficiently and affordably manage production by providing innovative technology that integrates water sensors, 24/7 real-time monitors and alerts. Our devices, the Aquasend Beacon® and miniDOT® Clear Logger, have proven to be valuable assets to several segments in the aquatic industry.