Water Quality Parameters


What is Water Pressure?

Pressure, the amount of force exerted per unit of area, is all around us. While many are familiar with atmospheric pressure and its subtle variations, this pressure is not the same as hydrostatic pressure or water pressure. It may take substantial changes in elevation or altitude before we notice changes in atmospheric pressure, but water is roughly 800 times denser than air. As such, the effect of water pressure can be acutely evident at relatively shallow depths. At 10 meters of depth, water pressure is double that of the average atmospheric pressure. The obstacle of withstanding water pressure at great depths is part of the reason why the deepest levels of the ocean remain unexplored, but this is not the only role water pressure can play in water systems.

Why is it Important to Measure Water Pressure?

Water pressure both impacts and is impacted by countless variables present throughout aquatic ecosystems. Water pressure can determine the rate at which water flows and in what direction as well as reflect salinity levels within a system. From a biochemical perspective, water pressure had a clear evolutionary impact. Aquatic organisms evolved to exist within certain ranges of water pressure, which is why some deep-sea dwellers are unrecognizable when they wash ashore. Similarly, land-dwellers’ biological processes can change when water pressure is applied; this phenomenon may be the object of study or an important point of consideration for researchers’ safety when conducting fieldwork. The inextricability of water pressure from the composition of a given system makes its accurate measurement a fundamental part of any sub-surface studies.

How Can We Measure Water Pressure?

From pollution to marine life, there is so much of the ocean and other bodies of water that have yet to be studied. To do so safely and accurately, researchers require tools built to withstand harsh conditions. PME manufactures the T-Chain for precisely this end. The Kevlar-cored electrical cord can host pressure sensors as well as additional logging systems.

PME Products Measuring Water Pressure