Cyclops-7 Logger


The Cyclops-7 Logger is designed for the Turner Designs Cyclops sensors. The Interchangeable and Fixed Cyclops-7 Logger offers users maximum flexibility in measurement capabilities. User-determined sample intervals collect and record water quality data internally. Data is transferrable via a standard USB cable, and upon connection, the logger will automatically adjust for sensor gain based on measurement conditions.


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Every Cyclops-7 sensor must be calibrated before use. The Cyclops-7 Logger software allows users to easily calibrate the sensor, but it is recommended that standards be purchased from either PME or Turner Designs. These standards serve as references for calibrating the sensor.
Logger Information

The logger is completely self-contained and waterproof. Internal power allows the logger to operate for roughly 28,000 samples. Logger is constructed of a hard, durable plastic material that does not easily crack or break. All internal circuitry and sensor components have been specifically designed to fit on the logger spine. The batteries, SD card, on/off switch, circuit board and various other components are attached to a chem film aluminum spine. The Cyclops-7 has a 100-meter depth rating and software allows users to create visual plots of data collected.

Sample Interval Minutes Days of Sampling Number of Samples
1 20 28,800
10 200 28,800
60 365 28,800

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