Water Quality Parameters

Fluorescein Dye

What is Fluorescein?

The organic dye known as fluorescein was popularized in the field of water research thanks to early applications in water tracing studies. Reddish-orange in powdered form, fluorescein becomes a bright yellowish-green when introduced to water. While fluorescein offers researchers insights into water flow in unobservable settings such as groundwater or submerged tunnels, sensitivity to pH and photo-bleaching limits its use in select settings.

How and Why is Fluorescein Measured in Water?

Fluorescent dye tracing is a method of tracing water flows where dye such as fluorescein is introduced into the water stream. The water’s path and flow rate can be identified by detecting fluorescein levels. PME’s C-FLUOR and Cyclops-7 Loggers use Turner Designs sensors to detect fluorescein concentrations in water.

PME Products Measuring Fluorescein Dye

Fixed Cyclops-7 Logger

Interchangeable Cyclops-7

Interchangeable C-FLUOR