PME Welcomes Christina Linkem as a Participating Researcher in the New Researcher Program


Christina Linkem joins the PME New Researcher Program as the fourth researcher. Christina received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and recently graduated from Oregon State University with a Master of Science in Fisheries Science.

Originally from Burien, Washington, Christina’s interest in learning about the earth’s many environments and ecosystems developed shortly after she became SCUBA certified. This began her scientific journey and her focus on freshwater studies comparing stream-dwelling damselfly abundance between heavily trafficked streams and close streams.

Christina focused her Master’s thesis on the ability of small trout to pass a water intake structure in small streams using a fish ladder. Recently beginning her Fulbright fellowship, Christina will study stream fish communities in disturbed and undisturbed streams in Costa Rica while comparing habitat structure and water chemistry between the two sites.

She plans to incorporate the miniDOT clear logger into her current research, placing a logger in each stream to collect dissolved oxygen and temperature measurements while comparing water quality and fish assemblages.

“PME is providing me with high quality instrumentation and will add to the quality of my independent research which will ultimately credit my ability to perform good research as a scientist. This program also gives me the opportunity to attend a scientific conference where I plan to share the results of my Fulbright research and application of PME equipment,” shares Christina.

Christina’s research goal is to engage and inspire interest among stakeholders to work towards policy changes to ensure the protection of stream ecosystems. Christina’s main objective is not only to conduct research, but to communicate her findings broadly and harness public interest in stream conservation.

“As a PME New Researcher and a woman from a low-income household, I hope to inspire other young women in similar circumstances to continually seek opportunities to succeed in the field of aquatic sciences. PME creating this program supporting women researchers is incredible as there is an overall lack of representation of women in the industry,” says Christina Linkem, PME New Researcher Program Participant.

After the completion of her Fulbright fellowship, Christina will work for the USGS as a Fish Biologist studying stream-road crossings with the highest urgency for replacements and upgrades.

“PME is eager to see what each participating new researcher will accomplish as they dive deeper into their careers in science. As the PME New Researcher Program was launched earlier this year, our team is thrilled to act as a guide and mentor these young professionals while providing tools and resources to excel in their research and careers,” Kristin Elliott, CEO.

PME is grateful to our team and customers for supporting 40 years of water monitoring technology and looks forward to supplying researchers in years to come with the tools needed to achieve a brighter future for our planet.

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