Heili Lowman, Postdoctoral Scholar, joins PME’s New Researcher Program


Heili Lowman, Postdoctoral Scholar, joins PME’s New Researcher Program. Heili received a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, French and Francophone Studies from Vassar College and a Ph.D. from the University of California Santa Barbara in Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology. She is currently a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Science at the University of Nevada, Reno.

“PME’s researcher program will help me achieve my long-term career plans. It provides support for research activities like data collection and model development. It also offers financial assistance allowing me to attend conferences where I plan to present results of my current project to national and international audiences as well as network with colleagues; an activity that is critical to reach the next stage of my research career,” Heili shares.

As a biogeochemist, Heili examines layered effects of ecological processes, environmental conditions and temporal dynamics on biogeochemical cycling and aquatic ecosystem functions. Heili’s current research is focused on how mountain watersheds and nearshore processes in Lake Tahoe (NV/CA) may contribute to nitrogen and increased benthic algal blooms.

Heili is deploying miniDOT loggers in Lake Tahoe where she will use the data collected to model rates of primary production like algal growth in the nearshore at various times throughout the year. With the data recorded from the miniDOT loggers combined with additional watershed monitoring efforts, Heili will develop predictions of algal growth in response to nitrogen availability.

“When deploying instruments, I need ones that will be rugged enough to withstand the seasons at 6,000ft but precise enough to use for ecosystem modeling efforts. PME products like miniDOT loggers accomplish both,” Heili said.

PME provides our New Researcher participants with a 10% discount on their first PME product purchase and a 5% discount on any additional order, as well as the opportunity for paid conference registration with a $500 travel stipend through this program. Launching this program in honor of PME’s 40th anniversary, PME is supporting the research participants by giving them the tools and resources needed to support their research efforts.

“Research is a key value in our industry. PME is thrilled to work with these ambitious participating researchers. By launching this program, PME has the opportunity to support ongoing studies while guiding and mentoring these individuals as they grow in their careers.” Kristin Elliott, CEO of PME said.

Heili plans to continue her scientific research career, always seeking new mentorship and collaboration opportunities. Her goal as a scientist is to translate her research into clear and actionable findings for policy makers and the broader public.

As PME celebrates 40 years, they are grateful to their team and customers for their success over the past 40 years. PME looks forward to supplying researchers with water monitoring technology in the years to come and providing the tools needed to achieve a brighter future for our planet.