PME Celebrates 40 Years

How Far We’ve Come

Founders Mike and Sandy Head

Our founders, Mike and Sandy Head, have lived a dream of creating quality technologies to benefit researchers and the world. By constantly looking at a piece of technology and asking, “how can we make this simpler, but last longer?” we have held onto that underlying belief that great things don’t have to be complex. Creating unique products that are easy to use, and last a long time is the core to every PME design.


Dr. Michael Head in 2008 presents the SCAMP, an early PME product.

When asked about the humble beginnings of PME in 1982, CEO Kristin Elliott recalls; “PME was founded off a small micro-Conductivity and Temperature sensor developed by my dad to be used in laboratory settings. This micro sensor was able to detect very small fluctuations of temperature and conductivity. The company was out of our home for over a decade and I remember sharing the home with a few employees over the years.” Kristin Elliott was born the same year that PME was founded, and has grown with the company, continuing it’s legacy as CEO. During the first decade, PME had only one or two employees. Since then, the team has expanded, and revenue has increased by almost 2000%.

Sandy Head with John Downing at Oceans 2003

PME came to market providing a budget-friendly dissolved oxygen logger. In the early days, PME created custom designs and tailored products for individual customers. For example, an early product that PME manufactured was a micro profiler instrument used for profiling various water columns to evaluate small fluctuations and changes called the SCAMP. The Argo Antenna, another early PME product, was manufactured specifically for customers involved in the Array for Real-Time Geostrophic Oceanography (ARGO) program, which has tracked the gradual warming of our oceans over time.

“We have been able to define problems that many customers are struggling with and cater to the greater needs of the research industry.” – Kristin Elliott, CEO


Pictured left to right: PME founders Dr. Michael and Sandy Head, COO Erik Elliott, and CEO Kristin Elliott

PME sold few units over the first 20 years. Since then, we have been able to define problems that many customers are struggling with and cater to the greater needs of the research industry. While noting the oxygen monitoring needs in the research industry, we have also identified a need for similar tools in the aquaculture industry. This realization marked the beginning of our sister company, Aquasend, in 2017. Aquasend supplies state-of-the-art real time monitoring technology to aquafarmers who need their water-quality status available around the clock to ensure the health of their farms.



“As CEO, I am the proudest of my team and our entire combined ambition. The company holds a certain strength and resilience that shines during uncertain times.” – Kristin Elliott, CEO

How We are Celebrating

In Celebration of 40 years of supporting research efforts through accurate, long-lasting technology, PME is offering a new collaborative program for researchers who are in their first 1-3 years of their careers, are post-doctorate or are participating in research projects for the first time. Become a PME Researcher Here.

Researchers accepted into our pilot program, will receive a 10% discount on their first product and 5% discount on any additional orders. Researchers can also apply to receive one paid conference registration up to $500-$700 and can apply to receive a $500 travel stipend. These benefits, along with the innovative and reliable PME technology can immensely aid your research efforts.

PME is grateful to our team and all our customers for 40 years of water monitoring technology. We look forward to supplying researchers in years to come with the tools they need to achieve a bright future for our planet.


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