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At Precision Measurement Engineering, we innovate exceptionally accurate, long-lasting and uniquely designed freshwater and oceanographic research devices for organizations all over the world.

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Our products are known throughout the global research community as being durable, accurate, easy-to-use and affordable.

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From the rushing rivers in the Rocky Mountains, to the third largest lake in Italy and from remote regions in Antarctica to the crashing waves in California; our sensors provide valuable data.

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We decided to use the T-Chain from PME because their thermistor is exposed to the water, which allows for a fast response time. — Dr. Scott Gallager, WHOI

Monitoring Temperature in the Pacific Ocean off Japan

OceanCube Observatories are using PME's T-Chain sensors located on the sea floor off the coast of Japan. PME's T-Chain allows for high resolution observation of temperature and PAr within the OceanCube Observatories. All data from the sensors and cameras are streamed back to a shore computer for analysis.