Are you a new researcher looking to kick-start your project?

PME has supported research efforts through accurate, long-lasting technology since 1982. PME is piloting a collaborative program for new researchers. To qualify, researchers must utilize PME technology and be entering the career as a researcher. Additionally, the PME New Researcher Program is offered only to researchers who are in their first 1-3 years of their careers, are post-doctorate or are participating in research projects for the first time.

What benefits does PME’s New Researcher Pilot Program offer?

Researchers who are accepted into our one-year pilot program will receive a 10% discount on their first product order and 5% discount on any additional orders. Researchers can also apply to receive one paid conference registration up to $500-$700 and can apply to receive a $500 travel stipend. These benefits, along with innovative and reliable PME technology can immensely aid research efforts.

How can PME help extend the reach of your research?

Once accepted, your research will be highlighted on PME’s blog and social media to amplify its reach within the industry. Additionally, a case study will be written about each researcher’s project. Finally, Kristin Elliott, CEO of PME will invite participating researchers to a virtual meet and greet with key industry members. At this online event, researchers will be given the opportunity to present their research, findings and on-ongoing research initiatives to industry leaders.

Born from researchers’ needs for accurate, long-lasting water monitoring equipment, PME recognizes the value of research, the need for quality, reliable monitoring equipment and the impact it makes on our environment.