Alyson Hall Selected for PME New Researcher Program


Alyson Hall joins the PME New Researcher Program and is the second researcher participant introduced. Alyson received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology from Stony Brook University and is currently in the Marine Science Master program at Virginia Institute of Marine Science at William & Mary.

Growing up on the shores of Florida and Maryland, Alyson has always been enamored by the ocean. “I was one of those kids who never let go of the marine biologist dream. I was constantly thinking about how humans impact the environment which led me to my current research; seagrasses,” Hall shares.

Alyson is studying how human stressors, such as rising temperatures and nutrient pollution, affect seagrass ecosystem processes in the Chesapeake Bay. She currently incorporates and plans to incorporate more miniDOT® loggers into her research to study and track changes in oxygen levels per minute within benthic chambers.

“MiniDOT® loggers give me a better understanding of what’s really happening in the water and have already increased my sampling frequency of dissolved oxygen from once every two hours to once every minute, which is huge,” Hall says.

In addition to incorporating miniDOT® loggers into her studies, Alyson plans to attend and participate in conferences and events to expand her network and present her research to new audiences. “I’m excited to join this cohort of early career researchers where we can collaborate with each other as well as meet and learn from industry members like PME’s Kristin Elliott. Making these important connections will better prepare me for success in the industry,” said Hall.

As an emerging researcher, Alyson has received awards recognizing her research and studies and has research experience in many areas, some areas as far as Madagascar. Alyson’s goals for her research include becoming an applied science that translates to policymakers and managers while simultaneously aiding restoration and conservation efforts. She further emphasizes that she hopes her research will contribute directly to ecosystem management and policy advisement.

PME’s New Researcher Program offers the selected researchers tools and resources to aid them as they launch their careers in research. Alyson will receive a 10% discount on her first PME product, a 5% discount on additional orders, a paid conference registration, and a travel stipend up to $500 through this program. This program also offers many valuable networking opportunities.

“We launched PME’s New Researcher Program earlier this year and couldn’t be more thrilled with the applicants and their research areas. The program is comprised of some of the brightest researchers starting their careers in science. We are grateful we have the opportunity to give back to the industry and help guide these young professionals,” says Kristin Elliott, CEO.

PME is grateful to our team and customers for 40 years of water monitoring technology. They look forward to supplying researchers in years to come with the tools they need to achieve a brighter future for our planet.