Precision Measurement Engineering Launches miniDOT Clear Logger

New Submersible Water Logger Measures Dissolved Oxygen With Real-Time Viewer

San Diego, CA (March 20, 2018): Precision Measurement Engineering (PME), a premiere designer and manufacturer of water monitoring systems and instruments, is launching its latest product called the miniDOT Clear Logger, which monitors dissolved oxygen and temperature readings. PME is revolutionizing aquaculture with customizable water monitoring instruments, communications and management tools.

The miniDOT Clear Logger is a clear case logger that continuously logs data internally over time, but allows the manager to see the oxygen readings instantly through the clear encasement. It is completely submersible with an oxygen sensor that measures dissolved oxygen concentrations in the water through a fluorescence method, and records data on an internal SD card. The device also comes equipped with an internal LCD screen that displays real-time measurements.

“We have been innovating this product for the aquaculture community for many years in response to industry demands, and are thrilled with the final product offering that requires minimal maintenance and provides up-to-the-minute readings,” said PME CEO Kristin Elliott.

The miniDOT Clear Logger has an anti-fouling wiper to reduce fouling with minimal required maintenance or re-calibration. In fact, it lasts at least 12 months, sampling every 10 minutes before the batteries need to be replaced. Operation of the miniDOT Clear Logger logger, such as setting the time and sample internals, can be accomplished via a USB cable. Other features also include:

  • Instantaneous dissolved oxygen reading
  • Records time, date and battery voltage
  • Portable, completely submersible and easy to operate
  • User replaceable batteries and long lasting in the field
  • No need for re-calibration in the field
  • Anti-fouling available

“PME has been innovating technology in direct response to the aquaculture industry’s needs, and we are excited to roll out the miniDOT Clear Logger has the second product in our packages,” said Elliott.

The miniDOT Clear Logger was officially released at the World Aquaculture Conference in Las Vegas in February 2018. Contact PME to be added to the VIP list for status updates and availability:

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