PME Team Members Keeping Our Communities Afloat in 2021

Precision Measurement Engineering has always strived to make the world a better place by supplying researchers across the world with the tools they need to make a positive impact. We believe that when you input good into the world, you get good out, and in 2021, the PME team did just that. We recognized the many communities affected by the pandemic, and through small acts of kindness, we were able to make huge waves towards making our corner of the world a better place.3 nurses holding PME care packages in hospital hall

One of the communities in dire need of help were the doctors and nurses at our local hospitals, working seemingly endless shifts to save the lives of our friends and family from an invisible and dangerous foe. To raise the energy and morale of the medical staff, the PME team gathered and put together 250 care packages containing healthy snacks, immune boosters, treats, encouraging keepsakes with positive messages and cards, thanking COVID unit healthcare workers at two San Diego North County hospitals.

PME did not stop there, many members of our team are parents, and were having a difficult time balancing the new online learning schedules brought about by the pandemic. To combat this, PME leadership assembled a classroom in the conference room at our main office to provide a safe place for employee children to learn, while maintaining CDC guidelines.

small classroom with colorful carpet and walls covered with assignmentsPME team member, Brenda Hernandez, a mother of 2 had this to say about the classroom, “My husband and I were faced to decide how my immune compromised son would be able to attend school online, as working parents our options were slim to none. I was literally in tears when we saw our conference room transform into a bright and inviting classroom where our children followed CDC social distancing recommendations and were provided an accredited teacher that used critical thinking strategies and hands-on projects to supplement their online education.”

Through this accommodation, the children of the PME team were able to continue to have a relatively normal social life and have access to in-person instruction throughout the pandemic.

Lastly, to wrap up the year, PME once again worked with METAvivor, a non-profit organization founded toChandler Smith, Kristin Elliott, Brenda Hernandez, Ted Lucena hold giant check to Metavivor direct funding towards metastatic breast cancer (MBC) research, and to improve the lives of those diagnosed. Their incredible work has made strides in turning stage 4 MBC from a terminal disease to a chronic condition with a decent quality of life. A percent of all sales of our popular products totaling to $4,500 were donated to this great cause, one that touches the lives of all of us in some capacity – learn more about their work at their website. PME will continue to push ourselves to make the most positive impact possible in our communities, and the world at large.