Ayyeka Partnership

ayyekaPrecision Measurement Engineering, Inc.,(PME) is excited to announce a partnership with Ayyeka, an innovative company that offers end-to-end remote monitoring systems for applications such as wastewater, ground water, environmental, and water reservoir and tank monitoring. The partnership will provide various environmental and water municipality organizations with real-time temperature data direct to their computer.

Ayyeka and PME are integrating the PME T-Chain, a multi-sensor water monitoring instrument, to the Ayyeka Wavelet, which is a data logger that telemeters data via GSM (what is GMS? J) cell phone. The complete unit will streamline data collection and facilitate to-the-minute direct access to data.

“We decided to pursue a partnership with Ayyeka because we realized the integrated unit will provide exceptional value to the customer at a very reasonable price point,” said PME CEO Kristin Elliott. “The Wavelet unit impressed us as being user friendly, durable, and technologically advanced compared to similar systems we have worked with previously. We are very happy to offer our customers a remote, real-time monitoring kit of temperature and other sensors.”

Various other applications for the unit include monitoring of water quality, climate analysis and weather forecasting, ecosystem health monitoring, and accurate measurements of thermal stratification.

Contact us today to learn more about how the Ayyeka Wavelet can be integrated into your monitoring systems!