April 2018 PME Newsletter

miniDOT Loggers Observing Eutrophication in New Zealand. This and more from Precision Measurement Engineering.

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PME April 2018 Newsletter
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miniDOT Loggers Observing Eutrophication in New Zealand

miniDOT loggers observe eutrophication

As part of a larger research initiative to observe the eutrophication effects in New Zealand streams subject to agriculture, a research team from the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) deployed 20 minDOT.

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Wildfires and river flow
Large wildfires increase annual river flow
Large scale wildfires can cause an increase in stream flow. Science Daily explains how this enhanced flow is a good and bad thing and the effects can last for decades.
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Ocean color
Why does ocean color vary?
NASA oceanographer, Gene Carl Feldman, explains how the color of the ocean varies by location based on the depth, what’s in it, and what’s below it.
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Don’t Let Algal Growth Compromise Your Data

miniWIPER for miniDOT

It’s Spring time which means higher growth in lakes/rivers as waters begin to warm; the amount of fouling and algal growth does as well. PME offers an anti-fouling wiper to reduce fouling on your sensor, therefore providing accurate data over a longer period of time.

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Atlantic currents

Will Europe continue to get colder?
A recent study shows that it might. The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC), the current responsible for keeping Europe warm, is weakening.
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