April 2017 PME Newsletter

Read the latest from PME about environmental issues, aquatic conservation, and water measurement and test out a miniDOT logger.

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PME April Newsletter
PME Newsletter
Visit the PME blog for full articles about environmental issues,
aquatic conservation, and the latest in water monitoring research.

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SDBJ Article

PME CEO Kristin Elliott
on cover of San Diego Business Journal
The story of our very own Kristin Elliott is featured in the March 6 issue of the
San Diego Business Journal!

Be sure to find a copy
or click below for a link to the full story
(no subscription required):

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New posts from the PME blog

ocean health data
Why we need more
data on ocean health
A study that showed ocean oxygen in decline is notable not for the rate of oxygen loss, but for its causes, which show ocean changes are regional and under-studied.
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usda program mitigates hypoxia
USDA program helps farmers mitigate hypoxia
Nutrient runoff in waterways causes dead zones and hurts fisheries. Here’s how the U.S. government is helping farmers pay for equipment to protect water resources.
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Case studies highlight miniDOT’s versatility

tracking benthic production

Tracking benthic production with miniDOT
A McGill University team deployed many miniDOTs in specialized acrylic dome measuring chambers to track
photosynthesis of lake organisms.

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Hyporheic research with buried miniDOT Loggers
Researchers in Germany buried miniDOTs directly in sediment under a riverbed to study the properties of the hyporheic zone, and the results were surprising.

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researchers assess health of lake
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The unsung heroes of water health

seagrass protects fish

Seagrass protects fish, Coral, people from disease
A new study from Cornell University finds fields of seagrass can filter and purge pathogens from water, but these important environments are dying off quickly.

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oysters could help
clean up Chesapeake Bay
Farms that grow the filter-feeding shellfish for aquaculture may be part of the solution in scrubbing nutrients from the troubled Chesapeake in this broad, visionary plan.

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oysters help clean up bay

deep oceans face famine

Study: Deep oceans face famine, extinctions by 2100
Temperatures in the mysterious bathyal and abyssal depths are set to rise with climate change as food supply drops, with ramifications for the rest of the oceans.

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PME loggers featured in Sea technology Magazine
Check out the February 2017 issue of
Sea Technology Magazine

to read about miniDOT and Cyclops-7 loggers being used in research in the Persian Gulf,
or click below to read the story on PME’s website (no subscription required):

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Sea Technology Magazine cover

Water data transformed into haunting music

Florida International University aquatic ecologist Evelyn Gaiser took water monitoring data from Florida’s Lake Annie and, with the help of FIU musicians, turned it into a unique string trio composition.
See her presentation at TEDxFIU last year (music starts at 13:49):
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water data music

Thank you, ASLO 2017 meeting attendees

aslo meeting

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table at the

2017 Aquatic Sciences Meeting in Honolulu! It was great to meet so many researchers and to be able to share our products with you.
We look forward to Portland 2018!



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