The anti-fouling WIPER is a self-contained, completely submersible wiping device compatible with the miniDOT® Logger, miniDOT Clear® Logger, miniPAR Logger, C-FLUOR Loggers, Cyclops-7 Loggers and various T-Chain sensors. Its brushing wheel rotates over the sensor surface, reducing the growth of various organisms and preventing biofouling. After each rotation the brush rests away from the sensor to avoid any monitoring interference, allowing for accurate and continuous monitoring. Each WIPER is shipped with an anti-fouling copper plate for additional determent of settling and growth. Wiper requires bracket to attach to individual loggers. 

Product Features

Plug &
Play Software

Internal software allows user to program wiping interval, check battery voltage, number of wipes performed and wiped calibrations. Wiping intervals can be customized from once every hour to once every 24 hours. 

Sensor Specifications
& Calibration

The WIPER has a maximum depth of 25 meters, weighs 0.8 lbs and measures 1.95 inches in diameter and 7.375 inches in length. 

Field Replaceable Batteries

The WIPER uses two user-replaceable AA lithium batteries. The WIPER also contains a backup coin-cell battery.

Sample Interval  Days of Sampling Number of Samples
1 Hour 90 2160
6 Hours 365 (1 yr) Roughly 2000
24 Hours 1095 (3 yrs) Roughly 2000

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