miniDOT® Logger Basic Operations and Anti-Fouling Options

If you are a first-time miniDOT® Logger user or if you are curious about what anti-fouling options are available for the miniDOT, watch the below video for a short demonstration of how to operate the miniDOT and how to install each anti-fouling option for deployment.

PME offers three anti-fouling attachments for the miniDOT, two of which are demonstrated in the video. They are a copper mesh sensor cover, a copper plate sensor cover, and the miniWIPER for the miniDOT. The installation of both the copper mesh and copper plate options is shown in the video. You can learn more about the miniWIPER here.

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Learn About Anti-Fouling Combo Pricing

Summer is when anti-fouling is needed the most. Contact PME to learn about miniDOT/miniWIPER combo pricing options.