Cyclops-7 Logger Submersible water logger for a variety of measurements.

The Cyclops-7 Logger connects to one Turner Designs Cyclops-7 sensor at a time. PME offers a fixed sensor version as well as an interchangeable sensor version. The logger records measurements internally at a variety of possible sample rates. Data are offloaded from the logger to a computer via a standard USB cable. The logger is completely self contained and waterproof. Internal power allows the logger to operate for roughly 28,000 samples.


  • Small diameter
  • User calibration
  • Auto Ranging
  • USB communication cable
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More about the Cyclops-7 Logger

  • Replaceable Batteries
  • Long Lasting in the field
  • 100 Meter Depth Rating
  • User-friendly
  • Visualization software included

Each recorded sample includes the sensor measurement, time, date, logger battery voltage and gain. The logger software automatically selects the appropriate sensor gain. Interchangeable and Fixed Sensor loggers are available. The sensor is permanently installed on the Fixed Cyclops-7 Logger, which cannot be removed by the user. The sensor is removable on the Interchangeable Cyclops-7 Logger.

Product Design

Design, construction and material choice have been carefully planned to create the Cyclops-7 Logger. The outer case is constructed from Delrin, a hard and durable plastic material that does not easily crack or break. All internal circuitry and sensor components have been specifically designed to fit on the logger spine. The batteries, SD card, on/ off switch, circuit board and various other components are attached to a chem film aluminum spine.

Logger Information & Sensor Specifications

Every Cyclops-7 sensor must be calibrated before use. The Cyclops-7 Logger software allows for the user to easily calibrate the sensor, but we recommend that standards be purchased from either PME or Turner Designs. These standards serve as references for calibrating the sensor.

Sample Interval Minutes Days of SamplingNumber of Samples
1 20 28,800
10 200 28,800
60 365 28,800

Product Case Studies

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Device Software

The Cyclops-7 Logger software allows the user to conduct sensor calibration as well as create visual plots of the data collected. The software is easily installed and operated.