Water quality monitoring of water column temperature stratification, meteorological parameters (wind and solar energy) and water quality parameters (oxygen and PAR) with real-time data.

miniDOT Logger
Portable dissolved oxygen and temperature logger for continuous monitoring.

Cyclops-7 Logger
Blue Green Algae, CDOM/FDOM, Chlorophyll, Turbidity, Crude Oil, Rhodamine WT Dye, Fluorescein Dye, Refined Fuels.

Multi-Sensor String

Numerous sensors such as temperature, dissolved oxygen, PAR, and pressure are available for a variety of applications.

Self Contained Autonomous MicroProfiler (SCAMP)
A free-falling instrument that records microstructure measurements of conductivity, temperature, temperature gradient, chl-A fluorometry, and PAR in lakes, estuaries, and the ocean.

Conductivity and Temperature Sensor Addition
Designed to connect to a
Nortek Velocimeter to study turbulent mixing and vertical transport near the sediment in a body of water.

MicroScale Conductivity and Temperature Instrument (MSCTI)
Measures high-resolution conductivity and temperature of water in the laboratory.

Array for Real-time Geostrophic Oceanography (ARGO) Antenna
The ARGOS antenna is a coaxial dipole construction, and is intended for use with oceanographic instruments that transmit data through ARGOS satellite.

Last Updated April 25, 2013

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Company YouTube Page!
April 25, 2013

The PME Youtube channel will have product and software demonstration videos as well as others.

Video of LakeESP
December 19, 2012
Click image at left to view a quick video of the lake meteorology top mast installation.

New Cyclops-7 Logger
October 11, 2012
The Cyclops-7 Logger is a logging device able to receive a Turner Designs Cyclops-7 sensor. More

LakeESP Installation in Germany
June 20, 2012
PME and Terra4 recently installed a LakeESP for Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB). More

New Representative in Italy
November 28, 2011
PME now has representation in Italy. Please see their web site here.

New International Representatives
November 22, 2011

PME now has representation in the Balkans, Malyasia and Chile. See representation here.

New LakeESP Software
August 24, 2011
PME now offers visualization software for the LakeESP. See Demo

New Representative in Japan
July 27, 2011
Environmental System, Inc. will represent PME products in Japan

New Oxygen/ Temperature Logger
June 15, 2011
PME has released a new optical dissolved oxygen logger that can be used in a variety of monitoring situations.


Water Quality Monitoring Software
April 25, 2011
Data Turbine and RDV are provided with every T-Chain and LakeESP order. This software allows the customer to monitor and view data using various plots.

New Conductivity Sensor
April 19, 2011
PME's conductivity sensor is developed to be used with the T-Chain for hypersaline lakes and estuaries.

SCRIPPS Technical Forum Talk

March 28, 2011
Dr. Michael Head with PME will discuss and display a variety of products developed by PME on March 29, 2011 as a part of the SCRIPPS Technical Forum (STF).

LakeESP Data Pipeline Movie
March 15, 2011
For more information about how the LakeESP can telemeter data to a shore computer, please watch the movie.

Representative in Germany
February 25, 2011
Terra4 provides a number of research and monitoring services. They represent PME in Germany.

Chlorophyll a Sensor
February 24, 2011
PME has integrated the Turner Designs Cyclops 7 sensor to the T-Chain.

PME's Forum
August 17, 2010
The forum will have FAQ's and answers. Please feel free to post your own and someone from PME will respond. Thank you!

PME is Moving!
July 21, 2010
PME will be moving to a new location in August. The new address is below.

Vista Technology Center
1487 Poinsettia Ave., Ste. 128
Vista, CA 92081

SCAMP Demonstration
June 3, 2010
PME met with researchers from the Centro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada to demonstrate SCAMP and its capabilities. View Photos


Fish Shoal Turbulence
April 22, 2010
Dr. Andreas Lorke with the University of Konstanz is using SCAMP to measure turbulence.


GLEON 10 Meeting
April 22, 2010
PME will be attending the GLEON 10 meeting in Torres, Brazil from May 10-14, 2010. More Information

LakeESP Assembly Video
January 13, 2010
Watch a seven minute video that briefly describes how the LakeESP station is assembled. Watch

Oceanic Outflow Investigation

January 12, 2010
PME's fast conductivity sensors are being used to study the behavior of dense (saline) gravity currents in rotating flows. More Information

Contact us on Skype!
January 4, 2010


Full Video

Full Video

PME Attending 2009 NALMS International Symposium
September 14, 2009
PME will attend the NALMS 2009 Symposium from October 27-31, 2009 in Hartford, CT. The meeting will focus on a variety of lake management topics. Come visit us at Booth #118!
PME Attending the ASDECO Desalination Symposium
September 14, 2009
PME will attend the ASDECO Desalination Symposium from October 5-7, 2009 in Valencia, Spain. The meeting will focus on controling discharges in the marine environment.
PME Attending GLEON 9 Meeting
September 14, 2009
PME will attend the GLEON 9 Meeting from October 12-15, 2009in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin. The meeting will focus on building a network of lake ecology observatories.
Fast CT Sensor for Nortek Velocimeter
September 14, 2009

This combined instrument is being used to study turbulent mixing and vertical transport near the sediment in a body of water. More information
Lake Dardanelle Fishing Conditions
March 19, 2009
LDS was installed in Lake Dardanelle, Arkansas to provide real time water and weather conditions for the B.A.S.S. Elite Series Diamond Drive Tournament, March 26-29. Please visit lakediagnostics.com for more information.
PME in 2008: Looking Back
February 10, 2009

PME had another interesting year. We developed a PAR sensor for the T-Chain, attended the ASLO Summer conference, monitored temperature data under ice and more.

Click image to left for more information.
T-Chain Used to Monitor Internal Waves
November 19, 2008
Researchers at the University of Southern Maine detected a number of internal waves in relation to the depth of the pycnocline.
PME Attends the PPNW XII Conference in Tahoe
September 8, 2008

Attendees of the Physical Processes in Natural Waters conference shared current limnology research and findings. Themes included internal waves, shoaling, modelling, the effects of global warming, and lake mixing.
T-Chain Collects Data on Thermal Plumes
July 21, 2008
The T-Chain could be towed behind a boat and, if coupled with concurrent GPS position measurement, could acquire a {x,y,z temperature} measurement set. This data set could be used to determine the position of thermal plumes from coastal power plants.

T-Chain Collecting Data for over Four Years
May 7, 2008
A T-Chain installed in Silvan Reservoir, Australia, has been collecting continuous temperature data without any interruptions for over four years. Deployment was November, 2003.
PME Attending ASLO Summer Meeting
April 8, 2008

PME will be exhibiting at the ASLO Summer Meeting in St. John's, Newfoundland from June 8-13. Come by our booth if you will be attending!
Visit their site
PME Visits CWR
March 18, 2008
Michael, Sandra and Kristin will be flying to Perth this week to visit Centre for Water Research. They will be gone from March 19 to March 30.
Beaver Lake LDS
February 11, 2008
A Lake Diagnostic System (LDS) has been installed in Beaver Lake, Arkansas by the U.S. Geological Survey. The LDS will be collecting data on temperature, dissolved oxygen, and more.
Looking back at 2007
January 29, 2008
2007 was a great year for PME. All product sales increased, and a few large projects came our way. We are excited for 2008.
Clelia from CWR Visits PME
December 10, 2007
PME was delighted to have Clelia Luisa Marti, Field Operations Manager at the Centre for Water Research, visit us. The future progression of the LDS was discussed.
New T-Chain Re-Calibrating System
November 12, 2007

PME is in the process of designing a re-calibration system for the T-Chain. The T-Chain will need to be re-calibrated every year or two to maintain accuracy.

ARGO Float Number 3,000 Dropped
September 10, 2007
Argo, an international research program, has over 3,000 floats around the world collecting data on temperature, salinity, and velocity of the upper ocean. PME creates the antenna used to transmit this data.

Click here for more information.

SDUT Article

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

July 31, 2007
PME's new DO sensor is compatible with the T-Chain, and measures lifetime-based luminescence quenching of fluorescence of a thin membrane. See the real-time DO data from Deadwood Reservoir.

PME Staff Install LDS in Idaho
July 14 , 2007
Members from PME and CWR installed a LDS in Deadwood Reservoir for the Bureau of Reclamation in July. View the data.

New T-Chain Serial Interface
May 24, 2007
The new serial interface has a RS485 and RS232 protocol serial output. Once power is supplied, temperature and DO measurements in engineering units are transmitted to a customer supplied logger.

PME Sends off SCAMP 49
May 15, 2007
SCAMP number 49 is sent off to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Portland State University. SCAMP

PME Designs DO Sensor
April 30, 2007

The Dissolved Oxygen sensor will be compatible with the T-Chain. First calibrations were done the beginning of April, and first deployment is set for July, 2007. Sales are expected for mid-summer, 2007. More Information

PME Tests new T-Chain Retrieval Method
April 6, 2007
A simple scuba bag attached to the T-Chain can be inflated (by a common pump) in order to allow the T-Chain to rise rather than having to haul it to the surface by hand or winch. See the video.

SCAMP Celebrates 12th Birthday
March 5, 2007
SCAMP SN0003, owned by Sally MacIntyre at UCSB, is PME's first SCAMP and was first used in April, 1995. SCAMP News.

greencircleTwo LDS Installed in Thomson Reservoir, Australia. Photos
February 21, 2007
View the data.

greencircleCompany's devices used in waters around the world
February 11, 2007
PME featured in the San Diego Union Tribune. Read the article.

PME Celebrates 25 years in business
March 7, 2007
PME has been manufacturing and designing high-quality instruments for a quarter century. Press Release.

greencircleRe-Vamped PME Web Site
January 9, 2007
Featuring a new crisp design and layout, the site was created to enhance company products, and simplify user navigation. Press Release

48 SCAMPS and Counting...
December 18, 2006
PME sends off SCAMP number 48 to Spain!
SCAMP continues to gain recognition within the global research community.

New SCAMP Paper by Ayal Anis Features Cutting Edge Data.
October 10, 2006

45 SCAMPS and Counting...
November 8, 2006
PME sends off SCAMP number 45 to Brazil!

Larvae Found Feasting on LDS Cable
November 28, 2006
Something finds the neoprene cable on the LDS tasty! CWR discovers tiny larvae feasting on the cable, but new information may find the local sea turtle guilty. More

Three LDS Placed in Lake Como, Italy
September, 2006
The project goal is to use collected data to understand the lake's
characteristics as well as design a decision support system that can
predict when the water quality will be at risk.
Case Study
In Cooperation with Centre for Water Research.

LDS Project under way with the Bureau of Reclamation
September, 2006
Custom LDS will be placed in Deadwood Reservoir Spring of 2007.

PME Launches New Web site and E-Newsletter.
January, 2007

New web site designed to allow easy navigation and product
understanding. E-Newsletter to feature new research, designs,
and news.

Two New Members Join PME's Team
December, 2006
One Communications Coordinator and one Manufacturing Assistant.
Press Release

PME Attends Ocean Sciences 2006 in Hawaii
February, 2006
SCAMP and Temperature Chain were featured.

SIO Released Autonomous Profilers by Air Prior to Hurricane Frances
September, 2004
The released floats used PME's Accurate CT sensor and PME's Orbcomm/GPS antenna. Surface and sub-surface profiles of temperature and other features were recorded before, during and after Frances. See the Data.






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