MSCTI A laboratory instrument used for measuring conductivity and temperature.

The 125MicroScale Conductivity and Temperature Instrument (MSCTI) is designed to measure the electrical conductivity and temperature of solutions containing conductive ions. This instrument provides two analog outputs, one linearly proportional to the solution conductivity, and one non-linearly proportional to the solution temperature. The MSCTI makes rapid, small spatial resolution measurements of both parameters in laboratory situations.


  • Analog voltage outputs
  • Electronic bridge controls functions
  • Custom sensor shaft
  • Small and portable
  • Replacement sensors available from PME
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Commonly Used for Measuring

Device Applications

More about the MSCTI

  • Turbulent density and temperature variations
  • Turbulent salinity flux
  • Density profiles

Sensor shafts are custom produced according to user specifications. The sensor shaft is provided straight as standard, but they can be provided with a slight bend as well.

Product Design

The MSCTI provides analog voltage outputs for both the conductivity and temperature sensors. It is provided with an electronic bridge, which performs amplification and controls various functions. The probe-preamplifier consists of the fast conductivity and temperature sensor on a 0.25 inch diameter stainless steel shaft. The MSCTI power supply is a wall-mounted or tabletop transformer that supplies +/- 12 VDC from 120 VAC 60 Hz or other AC source upon request. Replaceable sensors include the Fast Conductivity and the Fast Conductivity and Temperature sensors.

Sensor Specifications

The MSCTI provides analog voltages that are proportional to conductivity and non-linearly proportional to temperature. The MSCTI will respond 0.5 to 800 mS/cm and 0 to 40 deg C. One thing to note, while the MSCTI will respond to 0.4% NaCl/H2O, the MSCTI has electrical problems at absolute 0.0. The instrument will not operate correctly in distilled water for example.

Device Software

MSCTI provides an analog voltage. The customer must take this voltage and translate it into meaningful data.

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