Why won’t the Cyclops 7 Calibrate program open?


Cyc7Calibrate.jar is a Java language program that requires the host computer to have the Java Runtime Engine V1.6 (JRE) or later installed. This engine is commonly required for internet applications and will likely already be installed on the host computer.

Make sure to have the 32-bit version of Java installed.

If JRE V1.6 or later is installed, make sure that jspWin.dll is present in the folder where Cyc7 Calibrate is located. Cyc7 Calibrate communicates with the host computer’s serial port. The jspWin.dll in the files supplied is the 32 bit version. If your computer is a 64 bit computer, delete jspWin.dll. In its place copy the jspWin.dll from the 64 Bit PC Serial Driver folder. The correct (32 or 64 bit) jspWin.dll must be present in the same folder as Cyc7 Calibrate.