What is the Q Value?



When looking at miniDOT measurements, the Q value is the quality of the measurement taken. This value is used to help determine the condition of the miniDOT measurement operations.

Normally a miniDOT’s Q value will stay close to 1.0, but for measurements with Q values of 0.7 or higher, we consider the measurement operation to have been good. Anything lower than 0.7 indicates a serious compromise of the measurement operation of the miniDOT.

A damaged sensing foil is a result due to low-quality measurements. In this case, if the sensing foil has been compromised, the miniDOT should be sent to PME for the foil to be replaced. The miniDOT will then be recalibrated by our team before it is sent back to you for use.

Another common cause for low Q is internal condensation or water intrusion damage. If the miniDOT’s circuit is damaged by water, it can manifest itself as a low Q value. In cases of water damage, the miniDOT should be sent back to PME to be repaired. Note that some water damage can be too extensive to make repairing a unit worthwhile.

To find more in-depth information about the Q value and how it is calculated, visit our miniDOT product installs page on the subject.