Dye Tracing Study

Project Details

Fluorescein Dye
Idaho, USA
Idaho Department of Water Resources
Neal Farmer, Idaho Department of Water Resources, Turner Designs

Case Study Description

The Cyclops-7 Logger was used to detect Fluorescein dye in a dye tracing study near Clear Lakes, Idaho. The Fluorescein dye was injected into the bottom of a well and was later detected by the logger 18 hours after the injection began. It was discovered that the Fluorescein dye traveled over a linear distance of roughly 2,150 feet with a maximum velocity of 119 feet/ hour. The logger was set to sample Fluorescein dye every 30 minutes. PME provides software that produces visual plots of the data collected. The plot for this study illustrated that the peak Fluorescein concentration was at approximately 2.6 ppb, and that the range changed from x100 (Low) to x10(Medium) due to an increase in Fluorescein concentration.