Conducting Whole-lake Mixing Experiments

Project Details

Wisconsin, USA
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Colin Smith, Crystal Lake Mixing Project, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Case Study Description

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are conducting a whole-lake mixing experiment at Crystal Lake with the T-Chain from PME. The purpose of this experiment is to eradicate an invasive fish, Rainbow Smelt, from the lake as well as investigate changes in the physical processes, chemical regimes, and food dynamics. Researchers are hoping to gain insight into the effects of large scale climatological changes. Rainbow Smelt invaded Crystal Lake in the early 1980’s causing a sharp decline in the native yellow perch population. Researchers are able to target the invasive species due to its need for cold water habitat in a lake with no other cold water fish. Scientists will experimentally mix the lake to remove this cold water habitat, stressing the Rainbow Smelt.