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Top headlines in water monitoring and environmental impacts.

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PME June 2019 Newsletter
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Measuring Dissolved Oxygen
Levels in Seawater

Measuring Dissolved Oxygen in Seawater

Dr. Jennifer Smith has been measuring temperature and pH levels in San Diego and Palmyra Atoll for 6 years. Using PME’s miniDOT Logger, she started measuring dissolved oxygen and discovered daily cycles in the water.

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deep oceans face famine

introducing minidot Clear Logger
A first of its kind, the miniDOT Clear Logger stands in a class of its own. There are no other underwater water quality loggers that allow customers to ensure operation, see real-time data and log data over long periods of time.

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Low Oxygen Levels in Seawater
Low Oxygen Levels in Seawater
Scientists from Scripps Institution of Oceanography discovered low oxygen levels in seawater that could cause blindness in some invertebrates.

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 Measuring Dissolved Oxygen in Water
Measuring Dissolved Oxygen in Water
Measuring dissolved oxygen (DO) in water determines the amount of oxygen that is available for living aquatic organisms. DO is affected by temperature and seasons.

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Celebrating World Oceans Day
Celebrating World
Oceans Day 2019
We celebrate World Oceans Day to remind everyone the importance of the oceans, how they impact everyday life and how human actions are impacting the health of oceans.

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Dead Zone
Mississippi River Runoff creating dead zone
This summer’s dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico is predicted to be the second largest on record following massive runoff into the Mississippi this year.

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PME News

Kristin Elliott

Kristin Elliott, our CEO, has been given the honor of being selected as a finalist for The San Diego Business Journal’s 2019 CEO of the Year Awards!



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