March 2019 PME Newsletter

Explore climate change and global warming in this month’s PME newsletter.

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PME March 2019 Newsletter
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Explore the Impact of Climate Change and Global Warming

Nepal Glacier

Read about the PME Cyclops-7 Logger used to determine the subsurface drainage system of the Khumbu Glacier in Nepal. A group of glaciologists, led by Katie Miles, conducted 16 experiments using the logger and fluorescent dye.

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Global Warming
Global Warming Increases Ocean Heat Waves
Marine heat waves are increasing and could be the new normal due to global warming. Rising temperatures in the ocean dramatically threaten marine wildlife.
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Freezing Less and Melting Fast
Freezing Less and Melting Fast
National Geographic researches the impact of climate change on lakes. They discovered 15,000 lakes across the world are freezing less and melting faster.
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Wave Strength and Global Warming
Wave Strength Relates to Global Warming
The University of California, Santa Cruz, conducted a study on the increase of wave strength. They discovered that wave power is a direct indicator of global warming.
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Ice Melting
Greenland Ice Melting Due to Rainfall
University of Reading, UK, reports global warming taking a toll on Greenland ice sheets. Warmer rainfall accounts for 28% of the ice sheet’s melt.
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