June 2018 PME Newsletter

Dead zones and disintegrating ice shelves lead headlines. This and more from Precision Measurement Engineering.

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PME June 2018 Newsletter
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PME Joins Researchers from Around the World

PME Joins Researchers Around the World at IAGLR

PME’s Sales Account Manager, Teddy Lucena, attended the 2018 IAGLR Conference which focused on Great Science for Tomorrow’s Solutions. Teddy educated attendees on PME’s innovative developments in water measurement technology.

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Great Barrier Reef
Another Near-Death Event for Great Barrier Reef
Corals are more resilient than we thought and the current state of the Great Barrier Reef may be yet another historical near-death event.
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Antartic Ice Shelves
Ocean Swells Disintegrating Ice Shelves
Storm-generated ocean swells are to blame for the disintegration of the Antarctic ice shelves in recent years.
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Gulf of Mexico
Dead Zone the Size of Connecticut
NOAA scientists reported that the Gulf’s dead zone is forecasted to be smaller than it has been in the past but still poses a threat to habitat and valuable fisheries.
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Unusual Changes in Water Supply
Unusual Changes in the Earth’s Water Supply
NASA satellites have been tracking the unusual changes in the Earth’s water supplies, discovering that the wet zones are getting wetter and the dry zones are drying up.
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miniDOT Clear

Start Measuring
The miniDOT Clear logger is a completely submersible instrument that logs dissolved oxygen and temperature measurements and has an internal LCD screen, which displays real-time measurements.
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