PME Attends IAGLR Conference

PME Joins Researchers at 2018 IAGLR Conference

Earlier this month, our Sales Account Manager, Teddy Lucena, joined researchers from around the world in Canada, at the IAGLR’s 61st annual Conference on Great Lakes Research.

Great Science for Tomorrow’s Solutions

Teddy spent his time at the conference educating attendees on PME’s products. We found that most were thrilled to learn the unique features of our miniDOT logger not to mention how cost effective they are!

This year’s program featured scientific sessions and speakers focusing on Great Science for Tomorrow’s Solutions. In addition to engaging with attendees, Teddy was fortunate enough to drop into a few of the presentations throughout the duration of the conference.

Plans to Clean Up Harmful Algal

One of the many speakers presenting at the conference, Greg Boyer, spoke on the harmful algal blooms (HAB) in New York’s Finger Lakes. After discussing the history of HAB in the Finger Lakes, Boyer discussed the state of New York’s $65 million dollar pledge to clean up the lakes in 90 days.

With years’ worth or HAB damage to be reconciled, Boyer speculated it will take research and ten plus years to actually accomplish this goal. This speculation, is just another reason that research of HAB needs to continue to  prevent such events from occurring in the future.

Research Will Continue to Be Important in North America

One of the key takeaways from the conference was that the North American continent continues to experience dramatic changes in weather. Therefore, the environment of lakes continue to change as well.

Our products can provide valuable information to researchers helping to study their environments and help bring change to their field of study. See how PME’s real time devices can support your research.