December 2018 PME Newsletter

Explore the top headlines of 2018 that impacted us as an industry and individuals worldwide.

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PME December 2018 Newsletter
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Top Headlines of 2018

PME Year in Review

Explore the top headlines of 2018 that impacted us as an industry and individuals worldwide including Florida’s Red Tide, the largest ocean cleanup initiative in history, and the first comprehensive study of water pollution.

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The Sound of Photosynthesis
The Sound of Photosynthesis
Scientists recently discovered they can leverage the sound underwater plants make as they photosynthesize to monitor undersea environments.
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Mussels vs Microplastics
Mussels vs. Microplastic Fibers
How do mussels handle microplastic fiber pollution? New research shows they quickly flush these fibers with no known effects on the rest of the food chain.
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co2 concentrations
Is Phytane a new way to time travel?
Scientists have developed a new indicator of ancient CO2-levels that can provide the most continuous record of CO2 concentrations ever, dating back 500 million years.
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Ocean Health
Ocean Health Index 70 out of 100 for 2018
The Ocean Health Index’s assessment of global ocean health indicated that the ocean health is remaining relatively stable, but improvements are needed to achieve sustainability.
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miniDOT Awards

Congratulations Winners!
PME is proud to support continued research of the natural environment. This fall we gave grad students the opportunity to submit their research proposals for the chance to win a miniDOT logger to assist them in their research. We’re pleased to announce the winners of our giveaway: Rachel Pilla, Ariel Pezner, and Annie Adelson.
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