September 2018 PME Newsletter

Monitoring Florida’s red tide, cleaning pollutants after a storm, and forecasting toxic tides.

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PME September 2018 Newsletter
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Florida’s Red Tide and How to Monitor It

Florida's Red Tide

Florida is currently experiencing one of the worst red tides ever recorded. Proper measurement can help us better understand these harmful algae blooms.

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Cleansing Sand
Storm Water Pollutants
Engineers at the University of California, Berkeley have created a way to destroy the organic pollutants in storm water that is often left behind after tropical storms like Hurricane Florence.

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Lake Erie
Lake Erie Is in the Clear
After months of carefully watching the algae levels in Lake Erie, researchers report they’re in the clear as a the bloom reaches its max concentration level.

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Forecasting toxic tides

Forecasting Toxic Tides
Toxic tides and harmful algae blooms are occurring more often and lasting longer than ever before leaving scientists looking for new and better ways to predict them.

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miniDOT Logger

MiniDOT Awards for Graduate Students
PME is giving away two miniDOT loggers to graduate students pursuing research in their natural environment. Loggers will be awarded to two students (one miniDOT logger each) who submit their research proposals for our review.


If chosen, your research and use plans for the miniDOT logger will be featured on the PME website.

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