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How has temperature affected the behavior of hurricanes Harvey and Irma? Read the latest environment, climate, and water news from PME, providers of exceptional aquatic sensor devices.

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PME September Newsletter
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Temperature is Driving Force in Severe Storms

Hurricane Irma

The link between higher temperatures and devastating hurricanes such as Harvey and Irma is clear. Warmer air and water have a direct role in letting storms gather more moisture, raising sea levels, and changing storm behavior through the jet streams.

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Tap water
Plastic fibers found in tap water samples worldwide
An investigation by Orb Media has found microplastic fibers in 84% of samples, and the U.S. is the worst offender of the regions studied, at 4.8 fibers per 500ml.
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Lake research
Surrounded by change, lakes suprisingly static
A study in Global Change Biology shows little overall change in lakes across the country, a mixed message for environmental managers looking to preserve ecosystems.
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Thank you for joining us in Spokane!

USGS conference

We’d like to thank everyone who stopped by the PME booth at the USGS Regional Water Data Conference in Spokane this month!

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Ocean coral

Study shows how a coral grows in unexpected way
One species of coral may be more resilient to ocean acidification than once thought, according to a new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
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Limestone layers

End-Triassic ocean anoxia persisted for 50,000 years
Scientists analyzed uranium isotopes in limestone to find that, in a mass extinction event 200 million years ago, oxygen-less seafloor area increased a hundred-fold.
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