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PME Cyclops-7 Research: What’s in Your Water?
PME Cyclops-7 Research, What’s in Your Water?
Monitoring and maintaining the health and safety of water is critical and environmental and municipal agencies have got their work cut out for them. One culprit they must deal with is blue algae, which can be present in bodies of water, but can quickly grow out of hand if not monitored. PME products such as the Cyclops-7 logger are essential in monitoring algae in water.

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Other Cyclops-7 Research Projects

KSU engineering students tackle blue-green algae problem
Parks and recreation officials at Milford State Park in Kansas turned to Kansas State University researchers to mitigate an overgrowth of blue green algae on Milford Lake, the state’s largest recreational lake. These researchers took the opportunity to address the issue by enlisting student engineering students to devise a solution to a real-life problem.
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Oyster pond recovers from hazardous algal bloom
On the East coast, Cape Cod faced its own problem with blue green algae. After having mitigated a hazardous algal bloom by dredging Oyster Pond, officials there are working to ensure they maintain their recovery efforts. Again a Cyclops-7 logger equipped with a blue green algae sensor will go a long way in helping monitor and maintain a healthy balance.
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Demo MiniDOT Loggers: See our MiniDOT in action
We have miniDOT oxygen temperature loggers for you to try! Contact us if you are interested in borrowing one for a few weeks. We want you to see how wonderful they are! Ask for a miniDOT loaner today.

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MiniDOT Loggers

Published Research Using PME Products

Stormwater nutrient attenuation

Stormwater nutrient attenuation in a constructed wetland with alternating surface and subsurface flow pathways: Event to annual dynamics
This article explains one of the many applications that our miniDOT device can be used for.

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Microbial carbon processing along a river discontinuum
Another case study showing one of the many applications of the miniDOT. The information on how it was used in the study can be found under, “Community metabolism measurements”.

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Microbial carbon processing

Low dissolved oxygen levels kill fish

Low dissolved oxygen levels cited as cause of fish kilL
An interesting and recent article showing the effects of how the lack of dissolved oxygen can effect the environment. It shows how our product can prevent mass aquatic deaths by monitoring dissolved oxygen in these environments.

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