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Read the latest from PME about environmental issues, aquatic conservation, and water measurement.

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PME May Newsletter
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Visit the PME blog for full articles about environmental issues,
aquatic conservation, and the latest in water monitoring research.

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Earth Day and the cost of carbon

Thousands of people took to the streets of San Diego on Earth Day to support science and understanding. More research is needed now especially to understand our rapidly changing ocean environments. Read how ocean acidification is affecting us now and how humans are adapting.

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March for Science

Dispatches from the world’s oceans

NOAA ship
NOAA SHIP returns from five-year deployment
The Ronald H. Brown took more than 1,600
water measurements during its 1,347-day worldwide journey,
the longest for any NOAA vessel.
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Deep sea jellyfish
Okeanos Explorer Shines Light on Pacific wonders
NOAA’s remote submersible, the Okeanos Explorer, has glimpsed some out-of-this-world creatures in the Central Pacific. Click here for a video of some of the most bizarre.
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miniWIPER now available for miniDOT and Cyclops-7 loggers

miniWIPER cleaning miniDOT

With research budgets uncertain, many agencies and institutions are now thinking small. Our miniDOT Logger is a budget-friendly solution for DO and temperature monitoring, and the miniWIPER can greatly extend the length and quality of monitoring without the need for costly labor.

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PME now offers a miniWIPER specifically designed for the Cyclops-7 Logger. One of our most versatile instruments just became more versatile. Get a quote today.

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miniWIPER on Cyclops-7


North America waterways: past, present, future

USGS Water data map

New USGS map shows 40 years of water data
An interactive map released by the USGS on April 4 tracks four decades of trends in water quality data across the nation, since the 1972 passage of the Clean Water Act.
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First observed case of ‘river piracy’ is dramatic
Scientists announced in April that the Slims River in Southern Alaska abruptly changed course last year due to receding glaciers, moving the river’s outlet thousands of miles.
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Alaska river piracy

City lake and snow

PNAS study: Freshwater lakes are getting saltier
Lakes in the U.S. show elevated chloride levels from exposure to road salt, according to a large-scale analysis by researchers in the GLEON Fellowship Program.
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Vista city officials visit PME offices

PME meeting with Vista officials

Vista, Calif., Mayor Judy Ritter and other city officials visited us last month to learn more about PME. Pictured, left to right, are:

  • Vista Economic Development Director Kevin Ham
  • PME Sales Consultant Kyle Greg
  • PME CEO Kristin Elliott
  • Mayor Ritter
  • Vista Chamber of Commerce CEO Bret Schanzenbach
  • Vista Deputy Director of Community Development Patsy Chow

Technology frontiers in aquaculture

Underwater drone
Drones catching on
as fish-farm sentries
As prices on remote operated vehicles continue to drop, farmers are using more drones armed with sensors and cameras to monitor water and spot tears in nets.
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Aquaculture farm
Wood-chip bioreactors
to filter wastewater?
The important task of cleaning up aquaculture waste can be done “efficiently and inexpensively,” through bioreactors, according to a University of Illinois study.
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PME donates instrument to The Longest Swim
On May 31st, Ben Lecomte plans to swim from Tokyo to San Francisco. Along the way, scientists following the epic swim will be collecting all sorts of data about ocean health. PME has donated a miniDOT logger to the research effort. Stay tuned to the PME blog for more updates once the swim begins at the end of this month.

Ben Lecomte swimming



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