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Read the latest from PME about environmental issues, aquatic conservation, and water measurement.

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PME June Newsletter
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Visit the PME blog for full articles about environmental issues,
aquatic conservation, and the latest in water monitoring research.

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miniDOTs used in Mara River research
Mara River

Yale researchers used miniDOT loggers to study East Africa’s Mara River and the animal inputs that contribute to hypoxic events. Read the case study to see how PME instruments are helping scientists better understand an aquifer on which millions of people depend.

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Amanda Subalusky

Our Oceans: Explore, Prepare, Understand

Underwater 360-degree photography

Take a virtual dive in a National Marine Sanctuary
360-degree photography and virtual reality can put us in new places like never before. Explore the U.S.’s most treasured reefs in this new immersive gallery from NOAA.
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Coastal flooding

Coastal flooding set to double within few decades
A study in Scientific Reports shows that an increase in sea level of 4-8 inches by 2050 will double incidence of coastal flooding, with the tropics most affected.
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Plastic debris on Henderson Island

Tiny Pacific island has 38 million pieces of trash
A new survey of remote Henderson Island shows the beaches of the tiny atoll have the world’s highest concentration of plastic debris, much of which is buried in the sand.
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Kristin Elliott attends Athena Pinnacle Awards

PME meeting with Vista officials

PME President and CEO, Kristin Elliott, attended the 2017 Athena Pinnacle Awards on May 4 in San Diego. She was nominated for an Individual in Technology award, and PME was 1 of 7 nominees for the Technology Start-up award. Kristin and PME are honored to have received these nominations.

Signs of hope for world’s coral reefs

Half-bleached coral
Some corals may adapt to warmer water conditions
A Wildlife Conservation Society study that compared bleaching events in a reef in Kenya in 1998 and 2016 found some species bleached less in 2016.
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Fish in coral reef
East Africa habitats could be key to preserving reefs
Scientists have identified an area off the coast of Mozambique that could be a refuge for coral ecosystems, but the region is already showing signs of overfishing.
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Aquaculture taking steps toward sustainability

Underwater drone
Norway announces halt to open-sea salmon farming
The CEO of a major Norwegian employers’ organization has announced a stop to open-sea salmon farming, as the booming industry transitions to self-contained farms.
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Main fish pen
Will aquaculture finally gain acceptance in U.S.?
Aquaculture practices have evolved to a point where the impact on the environment is outweighed by the benefits – and necessity – of fish farming, advocates say.
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