July 2018 PME Newsletter

Case Study: Understanding Metabolism of Steppe Rivers. This and more from Precision Measurement Engineering.

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PME July 2018 Newsletter
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miniDOT Used to Understand Metabolism of Steppe Rivers

Steppe Rivers Case Study

Researchers working on the NSF MACRO project installed PME’s miniDOT loggers in the Steppe Rivers of the American West and Mongolia in order to estimate and study the metabolism of the rivers.

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Campsite Pollution
Avoid Campsite Runoff and Pollution
Runoff and pollution from campsites can introduce nutrients that cause algal blooms in water and diminish the amount of dissolved oxygen in water.
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Observing Water Health
Observing the Health of Your Water
You don’t always need a monitoring device to observe the health of your water. Learn what water fleas mean for the dissolved oxygen levels in your lagoon.
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miniDOT Logger

High-Performing Monitoring Instruments From PME
PME’s high-performing environmental monitoring instruments can take your research to the next level. Learn how the miniDOT logger can help you and your team with your next research project.
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