February 2017 PME Newsletter

Read the latest from PME about environmental issues, aquatic conservation, and the latest in water measurement.

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PME February Newsletter
PME Newsletter
Visit the PME blog for full articles and information about environmental issues, aquatic conservation, and the latest in water measurement.

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Supercharge the Cyclops-7 with new software

Cyclops Logger

Using custom PME software, you can now substantially increase the sampling rate of the Cyclops-7 Logger, from collecting data every minute to every few seconds. Contact [email protected] today to learn how to make this versatile instrument even more useful.

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Rapid ocean changes require vigilance

Rapid ocean changes
Triple threat: Higher temps, more CO2, less oxygen impact ocean life
Oyster farmers in the Pacific Northwest have taken to monitoring CO2 levels of intake water daily, and adjusting operations accordingly. After big losses, one company chose to move production to Hawaii.
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Oyster farmers
Fisheries officials stumped by mass deaths of herring, other sea creatures
Water testing and ocean-floor imaging turned up nothing out of the ordinary, and there were no signs of disease, parasites or toxins in the fish that have been washing up in Nova Scotia since November.
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The miniDOT, our submersible dissolved oxygen and temperature logger, is available to demo! Click here if you are interested in one of our miniDOT loaners for freshwater, brackish, or saltwater monitoring.

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MiniDOT Loggers

Looking ahead on ocean and estuary health

Ocean health
Chesapeake Bay scores C- on health report card, foundation says
The Chesapeake Bay Foundation says the estuary it advocates for has recovered somewhat from years of oxygen deprivation and toxic runoff. But, declines in runoff are more due to less precipitation than improved pollution controls.
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Chesapeake Bay
Scientists extend Antarctic CO2 monitoring to year-round
A new high-tech mooring deployed by Elizabeth Shadwick of William & Mary’s Virginia Institute of Marine Science will monitor CO2 60 feet below the surface of Antarctica’s Southern Ocean over the poorly studied winter months.
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Port of San Diego officials are exploring the possibility of oyster nurseries in San Diego Bay, part of an effort to grow the region’s “blue economy.” Researchers are using PME oxygen loggers to determine the feasibility of the project.

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Port of San Diego

Aquaculture: expansion, threats, solutions


NOAA looks to open up federal waters off Hawaii to farming
Agency’s experience in Gulf of Mexico shows coastal residents and advocacy groups may be skeptical of aquaculture’s ability to control marine pollution.

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Marine Harvest tests two-pronged algae mitigation system
The Norwegian company has spent $1.5 million on a micro-bubble curtain and water uptake system around its salmon production center in Chile. Results elsewhere have been positive, the company says.

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Salmon production

Oil spill

Oil spill may force Malaysian aquaculture company out of business
Seafood stock worth $350,000 could be contaminated, Gills N Claws CEO says. “We were affected by the red tide during the previous two years and we were just recovering from that when the oil spill happened.”

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