Environmental Monitor Cyclops-7 Logger Article

Environmental monitor recently published an article about the PME Cyclops-7 Logger.

by Daniel Kelly on June 16, 2016

“Multi-parameter water quality sondes are amazing for monitoring the health of lakes or rivers when they’re mounted on buoys. But sometimes a research project doesn’t need all that data, or the cost that goes with it. Fortunately there is an option for those looking to gather high-quality measurements of just one measurement while saving on the expense of a sonde: the PME Cyclops-7 Logger.

The logger fills that need and is the only product out there, as far as we can tell, that offers such a single-parameter logger system for researchers to use.

“The PME Cyclops-7 Logger provides a platform for researchers to capture high-frequency (1-minute interval) data in a self-contained, small-diameter package,” said Kristin Elliott, chief executive officer at PME. “The PME logger has a depth rating of 100 meters and can be deployed for long periods of time. It is easy to set up and retrieve the data once the deployment is over.”

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