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How will more rainfall drive eutrophication?

Algae bloom

Estuary managers will have to account for increased and more extreme precipitation driven by climate change. According to a new study in Science, rainfall will raise nutrient loading in U.S. waterways by up to 19 percent by 2100, with biggest impacts in the Midwest and Northeast.

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Ocean floor
Heatwave linked directly to climate change
A study in Nature Communications focuses on extreme marine heat in an area east of Tasmania that has risen in temperature four times faster than the global average.
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Chesapeake bay shore
Chesapeake Bay dead zone smaller than predicted
NOAA forecast a larger-than-average dead zone in June, but oxygen conditions appear better than predicted. Is this due to other environmental factors or incomplete data?
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USGS researchers, come see us in Spokane!

Kristin Elliott at show

PME will be at the 2017 USGS Regional Water Data Conference in Spokane, WA, Aug. 28-31.

We invite anyone at the conference to come see our portable, durable, and cost-effective devices. We’ll be showcasing the following products:

Plastic bottles

Half of all plastic has been made in past 13 years
A analysis shows plastic production has ramped up quickly in recent decades, and 79 percent of plastic waste is in landfills or the environment, including oceans.
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Autonomous underwater vehicle

Swedish uni signs deal for high-tech autonomous lab
The University of Gothenburg’s new AUV (Automated Underwater Vehicle) can dive beneath Antarctic glaciers for surveys or to chart the climate of millennia past.
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miniDOT Photo Ops

miniDOT McGill U
@V_Fugere on Twitter shared this photo of a miniDOT being tested at @LEAP_Sci Large Experimental Array of Ponds at McGill University, Quebec.

miniDOT Lake Myvatn
@ARMcMormick shared this pic of two proud researchers posing with a miniDOT – with “custom housing unit” – ready to take a dip in Iceland’s Lake Myvatn.

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