Exploring Stratified Density Gradients with Dr. Michael Burin

In a video interview with PME, Dr. Michael Burin from California State University, San Marcos explains how he used PME’s MSCTI PN probe in a laboratory experiment. The goal of the experiment was to study stratified density gradients in a controlled environment. Warmer water with a higher salt concentration was added to a tank of cooler water with a very low salt concentration. The resulting vortex that formed from the mixing of the two waters demonstrated a natural phenomenon that occurs in many environments, most notably the Mediterranean Sea and the North and South Poles.

Watch the full interview below or read his case study, Creating Linearly Stratified Density Gradients in the Lab to learn more!


Product Announcement: PME Retired the MSCTI

Due to the unforeseen raw materials shortage caused by the global pandemic, PME has made the difficult decision to discontinue the manufacture of the MSCTI PN. We still service current MSCTIs and provide conductivity-only sensor replacements. Our stock of PN 5203 C sensors is extremely limited, but we will continue to sell them until our stock is depleted.

While we regret any inconvenience this may cause, we are eager to supply your future product requirements with our line of exceptionally accurate, long-lasting and uniquely designed freshwater and oceanographic research devices.

Contact PME today for assistance in finding the right sensor to meet all of your water monitoring needs.