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PME September Newsletter
PME Newsletter
Visit the PME blog for full articles and information about environmental issues, aquatic conservation, and the latest in water measurement.

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Featured News

Water Quality and Property Values
Water Quality and Property Values
School districts, walk scores, square footage, beds, and baths are no brainers to consider when looking for your dream home. But what about water quality? Learn from our friends at SD Equity Partners why water quality is important to property owners and how it can increase or decrease property values.
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Algal Blooms in Chesapeake Bay
A recent study highlighted in Science Daily found that increased rain levels may have a significant impact on the development of harmful algal blooms in the Chesapeake Bay. At PME, it is our mission to provide innovative and reliable instrumentation for research organizations working to preserve our waters and aquatic life.
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PME Product Updates


New Anti-Fouling Wiper Available
The miniWIPER® is a self-contained, completely submersible, wiping device that can be used with a variety of sensors. The miniWIPER allows the miniDOT logger to collect accurate data longer because it decreases the amount of fouling on the sensor spot.

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New Product!
The real-time T-Chain
Our new real-time T-Chain is a combination product of PME’s multi-sensor water column monitoring instrument and the end-to-end remote monitoring Ayyeka Wavelet system. User friendly software is provided to easily compute and display real-time data.

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Real-Time T-Chain

Sample miniDOT Image

Ever wonder what the graphic representation from a miniDOT logger looks like? Well, here it is! Check out this sample image of data from monitoring multiple miniDOT oxygen loggers. Changes in water temperature and oxygen can display beautiful representations on paper.

In Other News

Back to School
Back To School
PME’s founder, Michael Head, and CEO, Kristin Elliott, visited a local pre-school to teach kids about science! We want to get young children excited about science at an early age so they understand how important research is. This experiment involved water, corn syrup, canola oil and dish soap to teach them about stratification and layers.

Chandler Smith
Welcome CHandler Smith
We are excited to welcome Chandler Smith as our new marketing intern. He will provide assistance on various marketing projects and initiatives for PME. We know Chandler will fit in nicely with the team because of his dedication to knowledge, personal growth and excitement to contribute.

Oceans 2016 | Monterey Sept. 19-23
Come see us at the upcoming

show. PME will be sharing a booth with our partner company, Turner Designs.You can find us at booth #35.



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