October 2018 PME Newsletter

New storm brackets from USGS provided data on Hurricane Michael. This and more from PME.

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PME October 2018 Newsletter
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Monitoring the Effects of Hurricane Michael

Effects of Hurricane Michael

A new network of over 30 storm-tide brackets installed by USGS this past summer provided quick and reliable data on Hurricane Michael.

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Hurricane Michael and Florida's Red Tide
Did Hurricane Michael Help or Hurt Algal Blooms?
What effect did Hurricane Michael have on Florida’s red tide? Did the hurricane dissipate the historically long bloom, or did it add fuel to the harmful algal bloom? Time will give us the answer.
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Molecular Water Structure
Newly Discovered Molecular Property of Water
A group of researchers recently uncovered a new molecular property of water. Science Daily reports how this phenomenon had previously gone unnoticed.
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Are we undervaluing healthy lakes and rivers?
Do we need to take another look at the value of healthy lakes and rivers? Science News reports we are underestimating the costs and benefits of protecting these bodies of water.
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Kristin Elliott

Congratulations to Kristin Elliott for being selected by The Daily Transcript as 1 of the 50 most influential professionals in the San Diego business community!



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