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The hidden impacts of microplastic pollution may manifest themselves in the brains of fish. Read the latest environment, climate, and water news from PME, providers of exceptional aquatic sensor devices.

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PME October Newsletter
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The hidden impacts of marine microplastics

Beach plastic

A new study examines how the smallest plastic particles – nanoplastics – can move up the food web, harming zooplankton and fish. Polystyrene particles were found inside brains of the studied fish, altering behavior. Here’s why more research is needed.

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Burned slope
Broad USGS study examines wildfire effects on water
By 2050, the amount of sedimentation in one-third of Western U.S. watersheds could at least double due to erosion, according to the study in Geophysical Research Letters.
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Wetland research
Australia island wetlands offer climate insights
Coring of wetlands on Queensland’s North Stradbroke Island reveals that they may have served as refuges from the dry mainland for as much as 40,000 years.
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Kristin panels corporate culture conference

inStrategy conference

PME CEO Kristin Elliott had a chance to be an expert panelist at a conference hosted by Think inStrategy. At the conference, titled “Culture: The Ace Up Your Sleeve” executives at companies large and small discussed how to implement company culture. Kristin is on the right in the photo.

Fishing boats

Diversified fishers enjoy more stable incomes
Scientists sifted through decades of U.S. records and found that multiple permits can pay off for individual fishers, even though 70-90 percent still rely on just one species.
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Belize Barrier Reef

Belize government moves to protect barrier reef
After outcry over seismic soundings around the Belize Barrier Reef last year, Belize has announced legislation to enforce a moratorium on oil exploration in the area.
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