January 2017 PME Newsletter

Read the latest from PME about environmental issues, aquatic conservation, and the latest in water measurement.

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PME January Newsletter
PME Newsletter
Visit the PME blog for full articles and information about environmental issues, aquatic conservation, and the latest in water measurement.

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Product Usage FAQ: miniDOT

miniDOT Logger

We’ve received a few questions about salinity measurement compensation when using the miniDOT loggers, so we posted an article about how it can measure oxygen in a saline environment. We hope that it helps you make the most of your miniDOT loggers!

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Fishing for Dissolved Oxygen

Salmon are released in oxygen deprived river
Children’s fishing day celebration suddenly turns ominous as salmon are released in oxygen deprived river
Our miniDOT could be used to test areas of a river over a long period of time to give a better idea of the health of the river. Using more than one miniDOT could also solve problems such as locating where exactly the DO is being absorbed, aiding the efforts to reverse the problem.
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Dissolved oxygen monitoring and restoration efforts
In this scenario a flood led to a dissolved oxygen and turbidity issue causing many fish and other aquatic animals to die off. Edwards River has since almost recovered, however PME instruments such as the miniDOT DO logger and Cyclops-7 fitted with a turbidity sensor could track the progress more closely.
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Demo MiniDOT Loggers: See our MiniDOT in action
We have miniDOT oxygen temperature loggers for you to try! Contact us if you are interested in borrowing one for a few weeks. We want you to see how wonderful they are! Ask for a miniDOT loaner today.

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miniDOT Loggers

Monitoring Ecosystems Saves Aquatic Lives

Sea life does not need your unused antidepressants
sea life does not need your unused antidepressants
Our miniDOT was used to help determine whether or not pharmaceutical drugs in stream ecosystems influence algal production and insect emergence.
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Bay of Bengal dead zone
Fisheries in the Indian ocean have been alerted to a 60,000 sq km area lacking oxygen levels necessary to sustain aquatic life.
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A canadian university allocates grant money to water science
The university of Saskatchewan boasts the world’s largest university-led water research program thanks to $143 million dollars in grants!

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Grant money to water science

Water Science Research News

Arctic habitat study

Arctic habitat study reveals gradual increases in pH levels as warming creates extended summers
Researchers are using the PME miniDOT to log dissolved oxygen levels under arctic conditions, helping us understand how pH levels are affecting arctic kelp forests.

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Oxygen deficient Lake Erie and what is being done to monitor Ohioans drinking water
Techniques are being developed to warn researchers of low oxygen temperatures. Our miniDOT logger could be a piece of the puzzle for other future warning systems.

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Oxygen deficient Lake Erie

Respiration rates

Keeping a pulse on the respiration rates and general metabolic health of our lakes
Our miniDOT loggers were used to help determine the metabolism rates, energy, and organic and inorganic matter in lake ecosystems.

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