February 2019 PME Newsletter

Explore miniDOT loggers in the arctic, warming oceans, and sunscreen bans in this month’s PME newsletter.

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PME February 2019 Newsletter
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Monitoring Oxygen Under Ice

Monitoring Oxygen Under the Ice

Read about a PME miniDOT logger located at the surface of an Arctic lake that functioned at near-frozen temperatures for an entire year.

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Baltic Sea Coast
Baltic Sea Coast Monitored for Changes
Our miniDOT logger is assisting scientists studying the shallow waters of the South Baltic Sea to better understand changes in the coastal areas.
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Australia Water Mismanagement
Water Mismanagement in Australia
Water near Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin has been mismanaged and has led to an ecological disaster in rivers resulting in massive fish kills.
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Oceans Warming
Ocean Warming is Accelerating
Greenhouse gasses are causing the temperature of the world’s oceans to increase which is creating a major concern to Climate Change scientists.
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Sunscreen Banned
Sunscreen Banned to Protect Coral
Following the lead of Hawaii and Palau, Florida is banning sunscreen that contains oxybenzone and octinoxate because it is harmful to coral reef growth.
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