February 2018 PME Newsletter

Learn about the important tie between the ocean and your health. Read the latest case studies, company updates, and environmental news from PME, providers of exceptional aquatic sensor devices.

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PME February 2018 Newsletter
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The Tie Between the Ocean and Your Health


Human impacts on our oceans – pollution, climate change, coral bleaching – affect the health of all of us in some way. But marine environments are also a source of life-saving medications. Here’s why it’s important to protect these resources.

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Greenland research
Ice algae get by on only a tiny amount of sunlight
Researchers have discovered the algae living under Greenland sea ice start photosynthesizing and growing with just 0.02% of the light available at the surface.
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Listening buoy
New buoys will listen to sounds of beaked whales
NOAA plans to deploy 20 drifting deep-sea acoustic sensors to listen for the elusive Cuvier’s beaked whale, which has been declining in population in recent years.
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Aquaculture America 2018

Kristin and Erik at AA 2018

PME CEO Kristin Elliott and her husband, Erik, were at Aquaculture America 2018 this February on behalf of PME subsidiary Aquasend.

Aquasend was showing off the new clearDOT logger and aquaDOT Buoy.

Bleached coral

2018 is the International Year of the Reef
Learn how just a few degrees of water temperature change can affect a reef, see a spectacular coral reef image bank, and find ways that you can get involved here:
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